Welcome! You are reaching this page because you have been listening to Mr. Eades speak, and you want to do something with the information he has presented. What is your next step?

We encourage you to make a goal.

When a marksman shoots at nothing, he will hit it every time. If he wants results, he must have a target; a goal to aim at. We now ask you to make healthy relationships your goal.

In all of our presentations, we encourage students to take a stand against the pressures of society and make the commitment to stay pure until marriage.

If YOU are willing to set a goal to have healthy relationships that postpone sex until marriage, read the following paragraph and fill out the form below:

“Now that I know that sexual purity starts with me regardless of my past, I make a commitment to myself, my family, my future mate, and my future children to remain sexually pure until the day I enter marriage!”