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BRAVEheart Teen Staff:

BRAVEheart is the Teen Initiative – that means we need teens to survive! Our BRAVEheart Staff is responsible for leading after school clubs, performing in-class presentations in the middle schools, and mentoring other teens. We are looking for a group of energetic, people persons that want to share the benefits of a pure lifestyle with other teens in our community.

BRAVEheart Teen Initiative is a non-profit Christian organization that promotes an abstinent lifestyle to reduce the risks of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and emotional trauma. BRAVEheart performs abstinence presentations in local schools in classes grades 7 & 8, as well as local churches. Since beginning BRAVEheart, Glynn County has seen a 30% reduction in teen pregnancy among 15-17 year olds.


Age 15-22 years old.

2.75 GPA

Ability to communicate well with peers.

Concern for the problems of area teens and willingness to motivate others to share this concern.

Willingness to learn independently as well as through training sessions.

Agreeing to our abstinence compliance and leadership commitment.



Teen Staff Teams:

Presentation Team:

What we do: We lead games and demonstrations in middle school health classes and church groups. Occasionally we learn and perform skits.

Requirements: They must be willing to do local church/ community, in-school presentations (excused absences from school) as well as travel out of town for some presentations. Some Wednesday nights and weekend participation is required.

Useful Skills: Comfortable performing in front of groups of people, good at memorizing, good acting skills, ability to be creative and contribute new ideas.

Mentor Team:

What we do: Call, email, text, or chat with middle and high school students who have made a purity commitment or requested support from a peer mentor.

Requirements: Mentors must have excellent telephone manners. They must be mature enough to mentor those who have signed BRAVEheart Start Cards. They must go through mentor training. Must be available at least once a week after school to perform mentor duties.

Useful Skills: Excellent communication skills, Ability to listen and respond accordingly, responsibility to keep busy without constant supervision.

Club Leaders:

What we do: We lead afterschool and summer clubs in middle schools and at Boys and Girls Clubs. Middle school clubs are co-ed clubs for middle-school aged students. They discuss a range of topics that include sex, abstinence, purity, and love. We also have Little Sisters and Little Brothers clubs in the Boys and Girls clubs. These clubs are girls-only or boys-only, and elementary aged children. They discuss character-building and Bible lessons.

Requirements: Must be available after school to attend and lead clubs. Must commit time each week to learning the lesson before each club.

Useful Skills: Club leaders must be mature and confident. Club leaders must be able to lead a classroom, be prepared to think on their feet, and must dress in an appropriate manner when leading clubs.

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