We offer several types of presentations. Contact us if you would like to host one or would like more info about our presentations.

Sexual Health Program

We provide a FREE 2-hour sexual health program perfectly suited for a health class. With entertaining and engaging certified abstinence educator Patrick Eades, students can easily remember the information presented. Patrick is the Executive Director of Crisis Pregnancy Center of Coastal Georgia, Inc. and BRAVEheart Teen Initiative. His ministry has reached all over the Southeast and across the Atlantic to South Africa. His abstinence education presentations focus centrally on having healthy relationships, abstinence, and the consequences of premarital sex. Though extremely humorous, the presentations are deep and full of information. As a result of this unique approach to abstinence education, we have seen thousands of students commit to sexual purity over the years.

Patrick has been conducting abstinence presentations since 1997. His credentials are impressive and accurately show his ability to conduct abstinence education and direct the BRAVEheart program.

Faith-Based Program

We also provide a FREE 2-hour faith-based abstinence program for church groups. Using Biblical evidence, Patrick presents the idea that sexual purity is a part of God’s intended plan for our lives. While still very humorous and entertaining, this program is full of practical information that encourages youth to make the commitment to God to stay pure.

Parent Program

Parenting a teen can be hard, especially when it comes to the delicate and sometimes awkward topic of sex. We recognize that parents are the most influential people in their child’s life. We provide education, resources, and support to prepare parents to talk to their kids about sex.

Presentation Team

This type of presentation is brought by teens on the BRAVEheart Presentation Team. The Team presents the abstinence message in a real and practical way through dramas and games. These activities not only shed light on the consequences of teens’ decisions, but they also inspire hope because they are presented by a team of peers who are also struggling with the same decisions.

The BRAVEheart Presentation Team currently has over 50 different skits/sketches that have been performed all over the state of Georgia and North Florida. Some are humorous, some are serious and thought provoking, but all are centered around Christ and/or the message of sexual purity. We have both Christian and non-religious presentations geared specifically towards adults, youth, and college aged groups or whatever the need may be.