What’s the best way to break up with someone?

Have you decided that you need to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Here are some tips:

1. Be straightforward.

In general, breakups go better when people are straightforward and direct about their feelings rather than dropping hints.

2. Break up in person.

Some people try to break up by being rude or distant with their partners, but this is likely to cause confusion and hurt feelings. Some people try to avoid the awkwardness by breaking up over the phone or even in a text message.  Know that the clearest and most respectful way to end a relationship is by speaking face to face. Sure, it might be weird or a little hurtful, but it’s the right thing to do.

3. If you’re not sure what to say, practice!

If you’re feeling unsure about what to say, you might want to try writing down your feelings before you talk with your partner. Practice can make it easier to say what’s on your mind.

4. Do it yourself.

Be sure to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you want to end the relationship yourself — don’t have someone else do it for you.

Staying in a relationship that you don’t want to be in isn’t healthy for either person. Being dishonest about your feelings isn’t good, either. Relationships only work when both people want to be in them.