What makes a good relationship?

Are you dating someone but not sure what makes a relationship a “good” relationship? Here are some vital characteristics of a strong relationship:


  • Do you listen to each other’s ideas?
  • Do you treat each other as friends?
  • Are you proud of one another?


  • Do you respect each other’s need for time with friends and family?
  • Do you feel sure of each other’s love?
  • Do you have faith in each other’s decisions?


  • Do you both admit when you’re wrong?
  • Do you both tell the truth without fear?

Equality or Fairness:

  • Do you both forgive mistakes?
  • Do you give and take equally?
  • Do you both compromise?

Good Communication:

  • Do you talk openly about your feelings with each other?
  • Are you able to work through disagreements?
  • Do you listen to each other without judgment?

If my relationship doesn’t have these things, should we break up?

Not in every circumstance. Maybe you just need to talk about your concerns and work toward having a healthy relationship built on trust, respect, and equality.