Make the Commitment

Hopefully, what you have been reading is starting to make sense to you. You have seen both sides of the coin. You have been able to weigh the options. You have hopefully questioned sexual purity: to be or not to be?

When a marksman shoots at nothing, he will hit it every time. If he wants results, he must have a target; a goal to aim at. We now ask you to make purity your goal.

In all of our abstinence presentations, we make an appeal to all those present which involves taking a stand against the pressures of society and making the commitment to stay pure until marriage. All those willing to take a stand of sexual purity, we ask to sign a card reading these words:

“Now that I know that sexual purity starts with me regardless of my past, I make a commitment to myself, my family, my future mate, and my future children to remain sexually pure until the day I enter marriage!”