BRAVEheart is currently active in the community, spreading the message of purity. We hold clubs once a month in various locations.

Little Brothers Club

In the Little Brothers Club, male BRAVEheart teen staffers serve as role models and mentors to younger boys. Each month, they go to the local Boys and Girls Club to facilitate a “guys group” for boys in grades 3-5. BRAVEheart’s goal is to initiate positive relationships with younger boys in the community, specifically young boys at risk. The “guys group” curriculum teaches the boys about God’s plan for male leadership in society, relationships, and in the home.The BRAVEheart teens hope to effectively teach these young boys to respect themselves and to respect women so they are less likely to pursue a promiscuous lifestyle in the future.

Little Sisters Club

In the Little Sisters Club, female BRAVEheart teen staffers lead a group of young girls (grades 3-5). This takes place once a month at all three local Boys and Girls Clubs. The goal of the club is to create an atmosphere in a small group setting where the teens can mentor the younger girls as well as facilitate a curriculum that encourages positive character, acknowledging their value, and appropriate social skills. In addition, BRAVEheart hopes to instill Godly character into the lives of young girls in order to decrease their likelihood of engaging in promiscuous and unhealthy relationships as they approach their middle school and high school years.

Middle School Clubs

We hold a BRAVEheart afterschool club in each of the local middle schools, open to boys and girls. In these clubs BRAVEheart staffers take time to get to know the attendees, establish mentor relationships, and encourage positive decisions and behaviors. The goal of the middle school club is to help guide students to make wise decisions and to realize their worth. By making personal relationships a priority in these clubs, BRAVEheart hopes to see fewer young teens with negative self-images and fewer teens making poor choices.

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