Apply to be a BRAVEheart Teen

We’re ALWAYS looking for new faces for our BRAVEheart teen staff! To join our team, you must first fill out and submit an employment application. After we receive your completed application AND 2 completed reference forms, we will schedule an interview. You may stop by our office to pick up an application, or download it here! All below forms must be included in your completed application packet:

Note: BRAVEheart is a non-profit ministry. As such we operate on a limited source of income. If you are seeking involvement with BRAVEheart only so that you can receive compensation, you will be disappointed.

    • Employment Application: Fill this out entirely and submit with the following forms.
    • Choice Sheet: Read through the descriptions of our different teams and select any/all that are of interest to you.
    • Statement of Faith and Principle: What we believe. Please read through this and make sure you agree with all the statements.
    • Participation Agreement: Please read this CAREFULLY and sign if you agree. We cannot accept applications that do not include this signed form.
    • Reference Forms: Give this to TWO non-family members (think teachers, youth group leaders, current bosses, etc.) and have THEM mail this in. We need to receive TWO completed references to consider your application completed.

We can’t wait to hear from you!